Athletic Tracks

We provide 3 types of synthetic athletic track surfaces.

1) Spray Coat System – An economical and highly popular synthetic track system recommended for low to medium use.

A mixture consisting of a polyurethane compound and fine EPDM granules is sprayed onto a base mat of rubber crumb and clear polyurethane binder and finished with a textured spray top-surface.

This low-maintenance and cost-effective surface is ideal for schools, regional tracks, and athletics training facilities.

2) The Full Pour System – A superior quality track surface which meets all IAAF regulations and requires very little maintenance.

This impermeable system is installed using a multi-layered application of EPDM rubber and polyurethane binder, finished with a topcoat of polyurethane compound and EPDM granules. This system meets the highest professional standards and provides excellent performance in all seasons and environments.

3) Sandwich System – A two-layer system suitable for high usage consisting of a 10mm base and 3mm EPDM layer.

This surface system combines a rubber crumb base mat topped with a clear polyurethane binder. The base is sealed in a thin mixture of EPDM granules and polyurethane before a final topcoat of polyurethane compound and coloured EPDM granules are applied.

Installed to meet IAAF regulations, this softer system is designed to provide more comfort and durability for athletes and long-distance runners.