Our team of experts provide full design, installation, and resurfacing across the following services:

Sand Filled/Dressed Artificial Grass - A specialist synthetic surface with a sand infill. Sand infills provide more stability to the turf, allowing play to take place in all-weathers.  

3G Artificial Grass Installation - A 3G pitch is an artificial grass surface with an infill system of sand and rubber crumb. 3G systems are recognised and accepted as a certified playing surface by football governing bodies such as the FA, UEFA, and FIFA, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

4G Artificial Grass Installation – A 4G pitch consists only of synthetic turf and requires no sand infill, therefore making it a lower maintenance option.  

Our 3G and sand dressed artificial sports surfaces are suitable for a wide range of sporting facilities and venues including:

Schools and Colleges – Our highly durable 3G artificial turf is safe for heavy use and reduces the chance of waterlogged pitches, allowing year-round opportunities for outdoor play.

Universities – Our synthetic 3G pitches provide students with year-round, professional standard sports surfaces, allowing them to train and play competitively without disruption due to bad weather. 

Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres – Our high standard, line marked sports surfaces provide opportunities for a range of sporting activities to take place both indoors and outdoors.